As a long time cyclist, data nerd, Economist, NCCP coach in training, and a trained bicycle fitter, I’ve learned a thing or two about training. I’ve taken what I’ve learned in years of training with power and pulled information and philosophies from the top coaches around the world to develop a cohesive system to help you develop your fitness. Athletes that I work with get full time support throughout the year.

Unlike many coaches I do not work on volume. While many coaches take on 15-20+ clients and provide cookie-cutter programs, I only work with a maximum of 6 athletes at a time and require a minimum of a 6 month commitment. This is because the development of a custom tailored plan optimized for your ability and schedule is very time intensive. Additionally while we work together to create a great plan, we all know life gets in the way and requires modifications to the plan, these modifications are free, unlimited and guaranteed to maximize your gains.

I work with athletes of all levels and abilities so do not worry if you are new to training.

Although I do work with Triathletes, my focus is on cycling and therefore prefer to work with Triathletes who are looking primarily to improve their bike splits.

If you are interested in improving your fitness please contact me to set up a meeting. During our initial meeting we will learn about each other and determine if the coach/athlete relationship will work.


Tier 1: Full monitoring of each and every workout. Individual workouts are prescribed based on the individuals fitness, freshness, and form going into each workout. Individual workouts may be swapped based on the riders performance throughout the week. Tier 1 includes an initial week of assessments to get baseline data on every relevant metric (Power Profile, V02max, Fatigue Profile) and includes monthly retesting of relevant data. For the retesting we retest one metric each month to gauge increase on baseline. For instance at the end of month one we will retest your 20 minute power, month two will be five minute power, month three will be one minute power, etc .

Price: $500/month + $250 setup fee (1-year commitment)

Tier 2: Weekly monitoring of workouts.  Individual workouts are prescribed based on the individuals fitness, freshness, and form going into each week. Weekly workload may be swapped based on riders performance going into each week. Tier 2 includes an initial assessment of Power Profile and Fatigue Profile – over the course of two days – and includes retesting of relevant data every eight weeks.

Price: $250/month + $100 setup fee (1-year commitment)

*** I only work with riders who have power meters, if you don’t have a power meter I can help you pick one that suits your needs ***