Retül Fit

The Retül Fit uses industry leading motion capture technology to help arrive at the ideal position for you.

The fit begins with a short questionnaire then flows into a strength and flexibility analysis. This analysis is used to get a better idea of the sort of position you will be able to achieve on your bike. Next your bike will be measured so we can have a detailed map of the touchpoints on your bike. From here you will be asked to get on your bike and you will have eight velcro stickers attached to strategic points on each of your sides which will hold the motion capture system’s LED emitters. At this point you will be asked to begin pedalling. While you pedal the resistance will be gradually increased while a series of measurements are taken. Once you have reached a resistance relevant to the type of riding you tend to do you will be rotated and a second set of measurements will be taken on the other side. At this point suggestions will be made on how to make you more comfortable/efficient on your bike, if you agree to the changes they will be made and more measurements will be taken to assure that the correct adaptations have been made. Once your position has been optimized your bike will be measured again so you have detailed measurements of the position should you have to set the bike up again, or if you’d like to set up an additional bike to the same specs.

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