New Bike Assessment

Looking to buy a new bike but you want to be 100% assured that you are getting the right bike for you? The New Bike Assessment is the option for you.

Part of the nature of fitting is that you deal with many people who are uncomfortable on their bike. Almost weekly I hear the same two stories: “The sales guy told me it was the right size” or “I know the size wasn’t perfect but it was a great deal.” The New Bike Assessment is designed to help reduce the number of people I see with these two issues.

The fitting aspect of the Assessment is similar to the Retül Fit however we use the Retül Müve dynamic fit bike which allows extremely minute adjustments. Once we arrive upon an ideal position we take a digital scan of the bike and input that data into the Guru’s fantastic software New Bike Discovery. This software has a database of over 100 brands and 10,000 models. Whether you end up buying from Bushtukah, or sourcing your bike from a different location, each New Bike Assessment includes a follow-up appointment to ensure the bike is set up optimally for you.

The result of the New Bike Assessment is the assurance that your new bike will be the optimal bike for you and your riding style.

Between both the initial and follow-up appointment expect the total process to take 3-4 hours.

To book your New Bike Assessment click here.