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Q: What should I wear/bring?

A: You should bring proper cycling attire – cycling shorts or bibs, jersey, cycling shoes, etc. – Please do not wear baggy shorts as they make measurements very difficult. If you are getting a fit on an existing bike please make sure to bring your bike as well.

Q: How long will it take?

A: That depends on a lot of things. If you are doing a static fit expect 30-minutes to 1:30 hours. If you are doing a Retül fit or new bike assessment, expect anywhere from 1:30 hours to 3:30.

Q: How hard will I be pedalling

A: For a static fit you won’t be pedalling that hard, we’ll have you do a short warm up then stop you a number of times to take measurements. For a Retül fit our goal is to be taking measurements at roughly 70-85% of functional threshold power (FTP) with some time spent at FTP as well. You will spend lots of time off the bike as I make adjustments as well. Depending on how long the fit takes this can get a little strenuous but by definition you shouldn’t have any issues.